Four leading health federations warn: nuclear weapons must be prohibited

The four leading international federations representing the world’s physicians, public health professionals, and nurses have come together for the first time to warn governments that urgent action is needed to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. A new treaty banning nuclear weapons would be “the only course of action commensurate with the existential danger they pose.”

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States expected to call for nuclear weapons ban at UN talks in Geneva

The United Nations General Assembly voted in December 2015 to establish a special working group with a mandate to develop “legal measures, legal provisions and norms” for achieving a nuclear-weapon-free world. The so-called Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) is intended to build on the findings and conclusions of the three “humanitarian impact” conferences in 2013 and 2014 as well as the historic “Humanitarian Pledge” which currently has the support of over 120 States.Continue reading


The not-so-progressive approach

“Our progressive approach is a clarion call for action,” declared Australia’s disarmament ambassador, John Quinn, upon introducing a paper to the new United Nations working group on nuclear disarmament in Geneva this February. Many of the other diplomats in the room appeared doubtful.Continue reading