About Mediterranean Anti Nuclear Watch

The “Mediterranean Anti- Nuclear Watch”, is an Non Governmental Organization, founded in and operated from Rhodes on May 2005, under the Technical Chamber of Greece initiative, and took its legal form in January 2006.

The goals of the Watch are:

  • The observation and publication of the developments in the field of nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants and in general nuclear industrial activity, which form a threat against Life, Peace and the Environment.
  • The information, raising of common awareness and the activation of the People for the release from the nuclear threat in the Mediterranean and the whole planet.
  • The promotion of renewable and environmental friendly energy sources and the enactment of measures for energy saving policies and the change of the present over-consuming living standards. And in general,
  • The protection of the paramount goods of Life, Peace, Environment and Ecological Equilibrium of the Planet in the framework of respect to the human dignity and the maintenance of qualitative life conditions for the present and the future generations.

With the support of the Local Authorities, the Mediterranean Anti-Nuclear Watch has developed intense activity since its foundation. Among others, we have organized an International Meeting for the prevention of the installation of new nuclear plants, in May 2005, with the participation of scientists and organizations from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Cyprus. As an outcome of the aforementioned meeting, “Rhodes’ Appeal”, the declaration of a common campaign in the above mentioned countries was signed by more than 8000 people in Rhodes.

In May 2006 of the 1st International Anti-Nuclear Festival of Rhodes, which took place in May 7-14, 2006. Titled “We have the right to live in a Nuclear-Free World”, the festival included many activities: lectures, discussions, film projections, theatre plays, musical concerts and a peaceful march on May the 13th, in which many citizens and visitors of our Island participated, aiming to the raising of common awareness of the citizens and the thousands of visitors of Rhodes along with the coordination of actions of the anti-nuclear forces all over the world.

Meanwhile, Mediterranean Anti Nuclear Watch takes responcibility for maintaining the campaign “1 Million Europeans Against Nuclears” for the Rhodes region, till the end of the campaign. 2007 is for MANW a year dedicated to the Renewable Sources of Energy, as dedicated to this subject will the 2nd International Anti Nuclear Festival of Rhodes, held during the week 24-30 of September 2007.

In 2008 and 2009, the Watch created a program for educating school students of all classes on energy matters. In 2009, we launched the 3rd International Anti Nuclear Festival of Rhodes, under the title “We want a World without Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction” with a series of events leading to the Sign of Pease with more than one hundred people holding lit torches. The Festival was saluted by international personalities, such as Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch, leading officials of the United Nations Disarmament section, the Mayor of Hirosima, representatives of the Greek Government and local authorities.

The International Festival was repeated with its 4th and 5th editions in 2011 and 2013 respectively, with a series of events, lectures, film screenings e.t.c all targeting to raise awareness to topics like Nuclear Disarmament, the disadvantages of Nuclear Power, promoting Renewable Sources of Energy e.t.c.